What we’re all about

It’s easy to put things into perspective when you’re kilometres outside the nearest town standing next to a forest of spruce trees that happen to be older than the country you live in. The large things in your life get smaller, the small things simply disappear, and you’re free to move the mountains you thought were standing in your way. A life well lived is done only on your own terms.

Likewise, well-crafted beer is never an accident of fate. The ingredients didn’t fall together without purpose. Think of Bench Creek Brewing as a beacon for craft beer in Alberta, exploring the untouched wilds in search of new flavours before anyone else. We take what we find in those uncharted territories, refine it, distill it and perfect a beer that’s crafted to be shared with the world.

Our Brews

SRM = Standard Reference Method. This is a measurement method to calculate the colour of beer where 2 SRM is super pale yellow and 40+ SRM is pitch black.

IBU = International Bittering Units. Another measurement, used to determine the level of bitterness in the beer. Something like a standard light American lager has about 8-10 IBUs, and a super hoppy double IPA can have 90+ IBU.

ABV = Alcohol by Volume.

The brewery

Our mentality

Maybe we spend too much time in the wild and it’s warped our sense of humour and our priorities. But survival of the fittest rules out here at Bench Creek. We’re only interested in creating the alpha brew, the apex predator of cold and delicious beverages. If a recipe isn’t strong enough to survive we either release it into the woods and let nature take its course, or put it out of its misery ourselves. Thankfully years of brewing excellence has lead us to a new mastery of the craft, producing distinctive and imposing beer that can stand up to any of its kind.

The process

At some point in your life you might venture into the woods in search of some kind of inspiration in your life and a short ways into the trip you start thinking to yourself that you might just never go back again. That’s a good instinct to follow.

Our beer making process is inspired in equal parts by Alberta’s seemingly untouched wilderness and the same inquisitive nature that drives people to discover the places where nature is still in control. The first step is to find the flavours that make our beer distinct, next we develop the recipes that make them balanced, delicious and worth discovering over and over again. And when each brew is complete – the culmination of months of testing and refining – it’s the end of a long road that started with one impulse: Good craft beer can be a force of nature.

Growler Care

IT IS BEST TO clean your growler immediately after emptying it; all you need to do is TRIPLE RINSE with hot tap water.

However, If you are unable to clean it immediately, store it in the fridge until you have time. Remember, delays in cleaning your growler can lead to bacteria growth so ensure when you do CLEAN IT you use a small amount of dish soap. Then, TRIPLE RINSE with hot tap water – you don’t want any soap residue that can affect the flavour of your next beer.

Now throw away your cap and turn your growler upside down and allow to air dry completely.  Stagnant air and dampness in your growler can also harbour bacteria. Allowing air to circulate and completely dry your growler will reduce this risk.  We will provide a new cap when we refill your growler.

Where we're pouring

Sierra Springs Liquor
Airdrie, AB

2958 Main St S

Beaumont, AB

5012 50 St #102

Broadway Liquor
Blackfalds, AB

5101 Broadway Ave

5 Vines Wine, Craft Beer & Spirits
Calgary, AB

218 12 Ave SE

Craft Beer Market
Calgary, AB

345 10 Ave SW

Growler Bar

Craft Cellars
Calgary, AB

1345 32 Ave NE

J Webb Casel Marche
Calgary, AB

2507 17 Avenue SW

Growler Bar

J Webb Glenmore Landing
Calgary, AB

C157 1600 90th Avenue SW

J Webb Market
Calgary, AB

520 77 Avenue SE (Calgary Farmers’ Market)

Midtown Kitchen & Bar
Calgary, AB

302 10 St NW

Calgary, AB

550 17 Ave SW

Oak & Vine Calgary
Calgary, AB

1030 16 Ave NW

Growler Bar

Oak & Vine Inglewood
Calgary, AB

1139 9 Ave SE

Pig & Duke
Calgary, AB

503 4 Ave SW

Silver Springs Liquor Store
Calgary, AB

8060 Silver Springs Blvd NW

Sundance Wine Market
Calgary, AB

17 Sunmills Dr SE

The Cellar Wine Store
Calgary, AB

137 8 Ave SW #100

Vine Arts Wine & Spirits
Calgary, AB

1310 1 St SW

Willow Park Wines
Calgary, AB

10801 Bonaventure Dr SE

ZYN The Wine Market
Calgary, AB

1543 17 Avenue SE

Edmonton, AB

9910 – 9910 109 St NW

Edmonton, AB

10612 82 Ave NW

Edmonton, AB

10351 82 Ave NW

Arcadia Bar
Edmonton, AB

10988 124 St NW

Beer Revolution
Edmonton, AB

11736 104 Ave NW

Bin 104 Fine Wines and Spirits
Edmonton, AB

5454 Calgary Trail NW

Blue Plate Diner
Edmonton, AB

10145 104 St NW

Cafe Blackbird
Edmonton, AB

9640 142 St NW

Cha Island Tea Co.
Edmonton, AB

10332 81 Ave NW

City Cellars
Edmonton, AB

9606 82 Ave NW

Color De Vino
Edmonton, AB

9606 82 Ave NW

Craft Beer Market
Edmonton, AB

10013 101A Ave NW

Crestwood Fine Wines & Spirits
Edmonton, AB

9658 142 St NW

DeVine Wine and Spirits
Edmonton, AB

10111 104 St NW

Jasper Liquor Merchants
Edmonton, AB

11607 Jasper Ave NW

Jasper Wine MRKT
Edmonton, AB

11452 Jasper Ave NW

Growler Bar

Keg 'n Cork
Edmonton, AB

3845 99 St NW

Kelly's Pub
Edmonton, AB

10156 104 Street NW

Growler Bar

Liquor Depot Capilano
Edmonton, AB

5055 101 Ave NW #180

Liquor Depot Century Park
Edmonton, AB

2349 111 St NW

Liquor Depot Old Strathcona
Edmonton, AB

10425 80 Ave NW

Liquor Depot Oliver Square
Edmonton, AB

11724 104 Ave NW

Mercury Room
Edmonton, AB

10575 114 St NW

Rocky Mountain Icehouse
Edmonton, AB

10516 Jasper Ave NW

Sandy Lane Liquor Store
Edmonton, AB

15610 95 Ave NW

Seven Degrees Liquor
Edmonton, AB

14315 118 Ave NW

Growler Bar

Sherbrooke Liquor
Edmonton, AB

11819 St Albert Trail

Tabletop Café
Edmonton, AB

10235 124 St NW

The Burg
Edmonton, AB

10190 104 St NW

The Common
Edmonton, AB

9910 – 9910 109 St NW

The Next Act Pub
Edmonton, AB

8224 104 St NW

Underground Tap and Grill
Edmonton, AB

10004 Jasper Ave NW

Vines Riverbend Wine Merchants
Edmonton, AB

2331 Rabbit Hill Rd NW

Wine and Beyond Mactaggart Ridge
Edmonton, AB

5962, Mullen Way NW

Growler Bar

Wine and Beyond Windermere
Edmonton, AB

6276 Currents Dr NW

Galloway Pub
Edson, AB

300 52 St

Two Sergeants Brew Pub
Fort Saskatchewan, AB

10470 98 Ave

Maddhatters Liquid Lounge
Grande Prairie, AB

10512 100 Ave

Growler Bar

The Wild Orchid Liquor Co
Hinton, AB

1336 Switzer Dr

Olive Bistro and Lounge
Jasper, AB

401 Patricia St

Cilantro & Chive
Lacombe, AB

5021 50 St

LA Liquor
Lacombe, AB

4702, AB-2A

Burnsy O'Flannagans Irish Pub
Leduc, AB

5014 49 St

Leduc Co-Op
Leduc, AB

100 Deer Valley Dr

Coulee Brewing Co.
Lethbridge, AB

4085 2 Ave S

Liquor Crossing
Red Deer, AB

5250 22 St #90

The Taphouse
Red Deer, AB

1927 Gaetz Ave

Growler Bar

Everything Wine and More Sherwood Park
Sherwood Park, AB

100 Broadview Dr

Little Guy Liquor
Sherwood Park, AB

270 Baseline Rd #126

Wine and Beyond Emerald Hills
Sherwood Park, AB

7000 Emerald Dr

Growler Bar

The Beer Shak
Spruce Grove, AB

Unit 50, #4 Spruce Ridge Drive

Growler Bar

Liquid Harvest
St Albert, AB

101 Riel Dr

St Albert, AB

512 St Albert Trail #2

Mountain Steak & Pizza
Whitecourt, AB

3823 Hwy St

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