What we’re all about

It’s easy to put things into perspective when you’re kilometres outside the nearest town standing next to a forest of spruce trees that happen to be older than the country you live in. The large things in your life get smaller, the small things simply disappear, and you’re free to move the mountains you thought were standing in your way. A life well lived is done only on your own terms.

Likewise, well-crafted beer is never an accident of fate. The ingredients didn’t fall together without purpose. Think of Bench Creek Brewing as a beacon for craft beer in Alberta, exploring the untouched wilds in search of new flavours before anyone else. We take what we find in those uncharted territories, refine it, distill it and perfect a beer that’s crafted to be shared with the world.

Our Brews

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  • Select a brew...
  • Red Rye Ipa
  • Pale Ale
  • India Pale Ale
  • Double India Pale Ale
  • Session Ipa
  • Porter

SRM = Standard Reference Method. This is a measurement method to calculate the colour of beer where 2 SRM is super pale yellow and 40+ SRM is pitch black.

IBU = International Bittering Units. Another measurement, used to determine the level of bitterness in the beer. Something like a standard light American lager has about 8-10 IBUs, and a super hoppy double IPA can have 90+ IBU.

ABV = Alcohol by Volume.

The brewery

Our mentality

Maybe we spend too much time in the wild and it’s warped our sense of humour and our priorities. But survival of the fittest rules out here at Bench Creek. We’re only interested in creating the alpha brew, the apex predator of cold and delicious beverages. If a recipe isn’t strong enough to survive we either release it into the woods and let nature take its course, or put it out of its misery ourselves. Thankfully years of brewing excellence has lead us to a new mastery of the craft, producing distinctive and imposing beer that can stand up to any of its kind.

The process

At some point in your life you might venture into the woods in search of some kind of inspiration in your life and a short ways into the trip you start thinking to yourself that you might just never go back again. That’s a good instinct to follow.

Our beer making process is inspired in equal parts by Alberta’s seemingly untouched wilderness and the same inquisitive nature that drives people to discover the places where nature is still in control. The first step is to find the flavours that make our beer distinct, next we develop the recipes that make them balanced, delicious and worth discovering over and over again. And when each brew is complete – the culmination of months of testing and refining – it’s the end of a long road that started with one impulse: Good craft beer can be a force of nature.

How to clean your Growler

IT IS BEST TO clean your growler immediately after emptying it; all you need to do is TRIPLE RINSE with hot tap water.

However, If you are unable to clean it immediately, store it in the fridge until you have time. Remember, delays in cleaning your growler can lead to bacteria growth so ensure when you do CLEAN IT you use a small amount of dish soap. Then, TRIPLE RINSE with hot tap water – you don’t want any soap residue that can affect the flavour of your next beer.

Now throw away your cap and turn your growler upside down and allow to air dry completely.  Stagnant air and dampness in your growler can also harbour bacteria. Allowing air to circulate and completely dry your growler will reduce this risk.  We will provide a new cap when we refill your growler.

Where we're pouring



Taste of Edmonton

Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton, AB • 11:00am -11:00pm

Brought to you by volunteerism and community involvement, Taste of Edmonton has become a summer tradition within the city of Edmonton, that celebrating all the culinary delights the community has to offer. Pleasing the forever-loyal downtown crowd and other food-enthusiasts who head into the heart of the city to sample these scrumptious dishes, Taste of Edmonton has been able to grow into the largest food festival in Canada. You’ll be able sip on a number of Craft Beers provided by Alberta based breweries, including Bench Creek Brewing, in the beer gardens. This event runs until the 29th of July!

For More Info and Tickets, Click Here

2nd Annual Libations Festival

Century Downs Racetrack & Casino, Rocky View County, AB • 12:30pm -5:00pm

This will be located on the apron area during the race card for that day.  With crowds upwards of 1000 people on a Saturday race day in summertime, this festival is not to be missed. Several Alberta breweries will be on hand, sampling their beers, all while enjoying the sights and sounds of race day at Century Downs. This event is free to attend!



Tap Takeover at Liquor Depot Capilano

Liquor Depot Capilano, Edmonton, AB • 3:00pm -7:00pm

Bench Creek Brewing is hosting a tap takeover at the Capilano location Liquor Depot that starts July 28th and goes until the kegs run dry. We will be there July 28th from 3-7pm for a free beer sampling event to kick things off.

The following will be on tap:
Northern Grace Red Rye IPA
Flint and Steel ISA
White Raven IPA
Naked Woodsman Pale Ale
Cloud Break Hopfenweizen
Pale Horseman Pale Ale
Head Wall Dampfbier


Come for a visit

Contact Us

T    780.517.7008

Site Tours available Saturdays 11am to 12pm by appointment only.


Monday to Thursday
Brewing in Progress
Friday Tasting Room & Patio
5pm to 9pm*
Saturday Tasting Room & Patio
12pm to 9pm*
Sunday Tasting Room & Patio
1pm to 5pm*

*Last pour ½ hour before closing

Type “Bench Creek Brewing” into Google Maps on your smart phone. It will take you to the right place. It will also give you our latest hours of operation!